I am a creative writer and family-focused woman whose passion thrives on deep human connection, real stories, personal & spiritual growth, wellness, lifestyle design, and healthy but still delicious whole foods (ok, and the occasional donut 🍩 here and there).

People and companies hire me as a catalyst for groups and individuals on their journey to living their best & most vibrant lives. But that's not a story that I tell. Read some of the kudos & kind thoughts that others have written about me here.

I call myself an agent of change, but I suppose that it is more commonly known as a health and wellness coach with a bunch of caps and commas that live after my name. To be totally honest, I have worked really hard (sweat, blood, and tears) to achieve each letter that lives after my name, and only when I earned all of those credentials, did I realize they didn't bring what I (and so many of us have been) told: success.

I now have come to understand that success is not just money. Don't get me wrong, money is nice, I like it, a lot. It's an essential tool to living well. But true success lies in happiness.

Happiness is born in creativity, love, freedom, peace, stillness, acting on your passions, and all the things that some may call hippie or woo woo.

I call these the things that make life worth living.

(that pay the bills)

Board Certified Holistic Registered Nurse
Board Certified Health & Wellness Nurse Coach
Meditation Guide
Registered Yoga Teacher


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  • Nurse Coach Supervisor &
    The Nurse Coach Collective
  • Health & Wellness Nurse Coach
    The Walt Disney Company Anaheim, California
  • Health & Wellness Nurse Coach, Yoga Meditation Guide
    Eat to Live Retreat San Diego, California
  • Operating Room Nurse
    All over the US