Joanna is a world-class healer who leads by example, bringing her entire self into every endeavor - her practice, her work, and her students' success.
For nearly two years, we've had the honor of overseeing Joanna's day-to-day operations, as well the high-level creativity invoked as she's supported more than 100 nurses to master the science of health and wellness coaching. No small feat!
Here's the thing:
Leadership can be challenging. The unknown is ever-present. You need to be able to see ten steps ahead, while also being relentlessly focused on the immediate task at hand.
Yet for Joanna, she was born to be a healer who leads from the heart. She continuously pushes to be better, to elevate the nursing profession, and to improve the lives of every single person she works with.
Always grateful for the opportunity to work with Joanna, and we can't wait to see what's next.

Heather Lapides & Peter Giza
Co-Founders of The Nurse Coach Collective & Empowerwell

"Thank you Joanna Otero for guiding people to grow and change their path in life."

ReaAnna P.
Owner, Kurma Yoga Studio

“Keep making a difference in the world.”

Marcia V.
Eat to Live Retreat Client